NYC Based Swing Dance & Hustle Dance Classes  &
Events in the NY Metropolitan Area!
Dance Events &  Dance Classes!
Private Lessons for Single, Couples,
Groups or Private/Corprate Events
Inquire within.

Dance Events
Due to a change of programing at the
92nd Street Y, we will be moving our community based
event that will no longer be offered at the 92Y to New Venues!

Swing Dance Swing runs one of the longest Swing Dance
events in NYC now combining Hustle(Disco) & Latin
Dances for more variety!

Special thanks to all who joined us at our Sat. June 13, 2015
Swingin' Summer Event @92Y! We had an amazing Full House!
Our next event will be our milestone
10th Anniversary Gala!

Village Park Banquet & Catering Hall!
155 Avenue A (corner of 10th St. & Ave A, NYC)

* Saturday November 14, 2015
Swing Dance Swing's
10th Anniversary Gala Event!
Our 10th Anniversary Gala will be a formal
Dress To impress Event!;-)
Save The Date!
See our Events section for all details!

NEW Swing & Hustle Dance Party @Piel Canela
Location: Pearl Studios {500 8th Ave., 35/36th St., 12th Fl.}
Saturday September 19, 2015!  Time: 7pm-10pm {$10}

Visit the following link for information on all of our Dance Events:
Dance Classes
Swing Dance Swing specializes in teaching
Authentic Swing & Hustle Dances.
Two New York City based dances.

Our mission is to introduce it to new dancers as well
as keep it going for all who enjoy dancing our two
wonderful dances that has been passed down from
generation to generation.

What is Swing & Hustle Dancing?  
Check out our sample video!
Dance Classes Dates!​    

Hustle & Swing Dance classes at Piel Canela!
Swing 1:  Friday {6:30pm - 7:30pm} Restarts: October 9, 2015!
Hustle 1: Friday {7:30pm - 8:30pm}
Restarts: October 9, 2015!
Swing 2: Saturday {5:00pm - 6:00pm} Starts: October 10, 2015
Hustle 2: Saturday {6:00pm - 7:00pm} Starts: October 10, 2015


Swing Dance Classes at The 92nd Street Y!
Winter Session:
The Original Swing Dance Crash Course! @The 92Y! [4 week session]
Tuesdays:  Jan. 5, 2016 - Jan. 26, 2015  {8:00pm - 9:00pm}
Registration is now open!
Fall Session:
Fall Season Swing Dance Class @The 92Y!
16 Week Fall Session! 1hr & 30min. class!
Mondays:  September 21, 2015 - January 25, 2016   {8:05pm - 9:35pm}
Registration is now open!
********************************************************************** Classes!
Int. - Advance  Private Group Classes Available upon request!

Visit our Dance Classes Page for more details for  
all our Dance Classes & Workshops!

Swing Dance Swing is a swing dance promotion group dedicated to producing swing dances in the NY Metropolitan area.
Our mission is to help keep swing and also Hustle Dance going strong by producing enjoyable swing dances with live music
and/or DJ music in the New York Metropolitan area with our special dance events as well as dance classes.
Both Swing & Hustle (also know as Disco Dancing) originated in NYC.

As well as our ongoing dance classes, Swing Dance Swing's Myrna Caceres is available to teach at additional schools,
as well as private dance lessons for individuals, couples or group classes. Inquire within for info & rates.
Myrna also specialize in teaching for special events (corporate, private events, weddings, birthday parties, you name it)!


Piel Canela                                   Piel Canela
(Classes at Pearl Studios)         (Hustle & Swing Dance Social)
500 8th Avenue, 12th Fl.            
The 92nd Street Y
1395 Lexington Avenue
(92nd Street @Lexington Ave.)
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All Rights Reserved
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We don't want you to miss on all the fun dancing with Swing Dance Swing!
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More videos throughout our website!
Private Dance Classes Available
For Couples, Individuals or Groups
in Swing, Hustle, Salsa, Tap or Blues Dance!
with Myrna Caceres
Our Swing Dance Events @92Y is currently discontinued after what would have been
10 Years since our launch in 2005 by The 92nd Street Y's Dance Dept. Manager.
Also affected is 92Y's Hustle, Salsa & Tango dance socials which are also discontinued.]
Please see the following video for more details & how you can:
Help Bring Back Our Dances to The 92nd Street Y!
Next Session Starts:
Friday 9/11/15
Swing Level 1: 6:30pm - 7:30pm
Saturday 9/12/15
Swing Level 2: 5:00pm - 6:00pm
The 92nd Street Y's would like to focus Non-Social Dance Events
including Professional Dance Events.
Meanwhile they are based to support all of our NYC's Community!
We need your help to show them why our Swing Dance Social Event are an
important Part of NYC's Culture. The 92Y is not just for celebrities, it's for Everyone!
As you can see in our video, our event unites everyone through our love of dance!
We can only achieve this with Everyone's Help!
Uniting Folks From all Generations & Walks Of Life Through DANCE!

Please See Our Special Page:  Save92YSwingEvents
LIFE IS NOT JUST ABOUT WORK!  At the end of the day.... WE WANT TO DANCE! :D
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