Swing Dance Swing

NYC Based Dance Classes & Events Since 2005!

We specialize in teaching Authentic Swing &

Hustle/Disco Dances. Two New York City based dances!

We have expanded to include Latin

(Salsa, Bachata & Merengue)!

Our mission is to introduce these dances to new dancers

and keep them going for all generations!

Let's Dance!

Swing Dance Swing's
Myrna Caceres Artwork is on Display at Rockefeller Center!

Rockefeller Center's Flag Project 2022

For the Flag Project 2022, Rockefeller Center collaborated with the United Nations Environment Programme and the Climate Museum in New York to focus on what really matters — "Only One Earth".

As a longtime advocate for the environment, Myrna Caceres is honored her artwork

was chosen among fellow artists to be turned into an eco-friendly flag which will be on display during the month of April 2022 for Earth Month!

It is an honor for her to be part of this important project to help create awareness

for all of us together to help save our planet Earth!